CJ2A Flat Fender Jeep parts

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CJ2A Flat Fender Jeep parts Empty CJ2A Flat Fender Jeep parts

Post by MasterYota on Thu Mar 07, 2013 7:04 pm

I've got an early CJ2A tub that needs a few parts, namely a grill and a hood, and a windshield frame. I'll fab some tube fenders for the front later. I'm reasonably sure that any hood, grill, and frame from any flatty will fit, (other than the high hood on the CJ3B). If anybody has any of these old panels lying around from previous projects, or just in the scrap pile, msg. me and we'll talk details.

Or send me the links to whatever you might find online...

The new repro parts are stupid expensive, and I'm not overly-concerned about the "quality" of some 60+ year old oem stuff, so show me your rusty parts!


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CJ2A Flat Fender Jeep parts Empty Re: CJ2A Flat Fender Jeep parts

Post by lwb86 on Thu Mar 07, 2013 7:17 pm

there is a guy on the alaska highway that used to own the jeep dealership in dc he had a pile of flatty parts. in fact his place is not far from brads neck of the woods his first name was gary. frick i cant remember his last name. he has a tons of jeep parts. his place isnorth on the 235 road before the mason road heading from dc to fsj.


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