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Post by Britpart on Fri Feb 20, 2015 11:57 am

received this yesterday from a friend of ours here in PG ... you may have seen this before ?? a bit of tension in the jeep and ass puckering .
if you are not keen on heights > 11,000 feet , this may not be your trail . imagine how difficult it must have been to build this trail ... no doubt with lives lost .

this PG friend of ours and his wife last year [ July ] visited the Canol road and area ; camping , fishing and exploring for 2 weeks . both are 75 years old and drive an older chevy 4x4 pickup wheeler with a military trailer in tow . they said July was a bad month to visit as the bugs were bad with unsettled weather . when we visited Canol in 2010 , it was mid August ... no bugs with some very ' frosty ' mornings . Gerry


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