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Hello Everyone!! Empty Hello Everyone!!

Post by Lady M on Sat Feb 23, 2013 1:37 pm

Hey guys and gals!!!! I am new to these kind of things but I thought I better put up a post since I am married to MasterYota!!! I am just starting to enjoying wheeling. I have only started driving last year and I love it!!! I am inexperienced but I am willing to learn how to drive like the "pros". I love driving MY Cruiser which has been nicknamed "Marvin" since it had an earth shattering KABOOM in May 2012. MasterYota will always say that the Cruiser is his but if everyone knows the truth it truely is mine!!! Anyways, I look forward to getting out more this year and do more exploring with my family!!! See you on the trails!!! I love you Very Happy

I broke the 'cruiser dear, and its bad, real bad...
Lady M
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