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big brother is watching  Empty big brother is watching

Post by Britpart on Mon Jun 17, 2013 4:25 pm

And you aren't sure whether or not "Big Brother" is watching

This picture was taken with a camera 70,000 x 30,000 pixels (2100 MegaPixels).
  It can identify a face in a multitude.
  The cameras are not sold to the public and are being installed in
strategic locations. (This one is in Canada)

  Place the cursor in the multitude of people and left double click a
  couple of times. It will continue to show the people much closer,
when you double
left click again. or click more if needed. Amazing!!

There were thousands of persons and yet one can spot and recognize any
face. Even at the very back end of the crowd you can see each person


Take a look.....pretty cool!!



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