The Cruiser connection...

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The Cruiser connection...

Post by MasterYota on Fri Feb 22, 2013 7:52 pm

So I like to go offroad, but I also have a fine appreciation for a nice Boulevard Cruiser as well. Over the last couple of years I was fortunate enough to add two pavement cruisers to my fleet. The first is an upcomming project that I'll get to in the year or two while I patiently wait to fund my new garage construction. In the meantime its waiting in the wings for some love an attention. The car oozes "cruiser" out of every pore...

1952 Chevy Custom Deluxe

A classic Dash board

Straight and clean

Real Chrome!

Classic styling with room and comfort for the whole family...

While the Chevy is awaiting its TLC, I'm having a great time cruising around town in the summer in my newest aquisition, (so new I don't even have a decent picture of it) a '68 Mustange Coupe, sporting the typical 289, Automatic, and all the trimmings of the base model. Its clean and fun though, and it's still a head-turner... I'll get some pictures of it up when the snow is gone...


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